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The Humanist Party of India has petitioned the Honourable Supreme Court of India to intervene in the matter of the Right of people to a Peaceful protest and guide us by taking lawful recourse in this matter. The campaign for approaching the Honourable Supreme Court of India has been supported by hundreds of people. The same/similar petition has been sent by other Humanist Organizations and many Individuals also, requesting the Honourable Supreme Court of India to intervene in the matter without delay.


16 August 2011

The Honorable Chief Justice of India
Supreme Court of India,
Tilak Marg,
New Delhi-110 001, INDIA
FAX NOS.23381508,23381584,23384336/23384533/23384447

Respected Sir,

On behalf of the hundreds of ordinary people of India, we request you to kindly intervene and restore the Constitutional right of peaceful protesters to protest against the Corrupt, Violent and Discriminatory practices of the current Government of UPA.

Sir, the "Campaign against Corruption", lead by Anna Hazare, has been receiving wide support of people across India and the world, and this campaign is requesting the Government through completely peaceful means, inspite of vulgar provocations by the Government representatives as well the Congress Party, to discuss and implement the Jan LokPal bill aimed at bringing complete transparency and accountability in the matters of Governance.

The denial of the Government to implement Jan LokPal bill smells of the fact that this Government has things to hide and is hence not interested in implementing transparency and accountability in the matters of Governance.

This denial, for us (people of India, who are tired of 64 years of misrule that is evidenced clearly by the recent mega-scams, that have come to light and on many of which the Honorable Court is doing great work to save the Nation), is not palatable and hence we request you to kindly take immediate note of the matter and set the matter right by making it clear to people as well as the Government of their respective rights and responsibilities for conducting peaceful protests against the policies of the Government that people do not find proper and/or legal and/or unconstitutional and/or anti-people.
The violent midnight attack of the Delhi Police on peacefully-sleeping protestors recently at Ramlila Maidan, under the directions of this very Government have already shows the violent-record of a Politically and morally Corrupt Government, and we fear the worst in the current matter.

Sir, our signature campaign conducted across India has brought good response and hundreds of people have signed up their support to make this request to you and hence we request you to please help the Nation in this moment of test, so that the people, who have complete faith in you, remain peaceful and calm and the Nation remains peaceful and calm, while going through the pains of change.

Sir, our demand, in nutshell is that the country needs to progress towards participatory democracy, specially because the conduct of various Governments at all levels in the last 60+ years across India, have clearly demonstrated that, while the crimes of all kinds against people have increased, the dignity of life and livelihood has been denied to more & more people every time, although a few people, closely connected to the corrupt politicians, have become rich & richer, even without any past business records/backgrounds of theirs. People have reasonable doubts over their conduct and absolute power over the country, without any accountability and this needs to be checked through a Constitution that needs to be amended from time to time, to bring in the changes that are needed with changing times.
We want to protest peacefully in democratic manner, but the Government is putting obstacle in the matter by denying permissions, by using coersive methods, by putting obstacles in peaceful marches and protests, arresting the people by illegal manner.
Therefore, we feel that the time has come to define the section 19 in an appropriate manner so that it can be understood by the public at large that we have all the constitutional rights for peaceful march and peaceful ptotests against corrupt governance and that they have the right of good governance as their fundamental right.
Honorable Chief Justice ji, we have come to you with complete faith that you will help the peaceful and peace-loving Nation in these testing times.

Now again, we, on behalf of the peace loving people of India, request you to intervene in the matter and guide us by taking lawful recourse in this matter.

Yours sincerely,

Sudhir Gandotra
on behalf of The Humanist Party of India and other supporting organizations.

Thursday the 22nd. Humanist Party - working to build Universal Human Nation
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