Humanists support Anna Hazare Internationally


Humanists support Anna Hazare Internationally, protesting through the Indian embassies across the world

Humanist Party and other Humanist organizations across the world have protested against the Government of India, through the Indian embassies, submitting the following letter of protest, supporting the "Campaign against Corruption being carried on by millions of people across India under the moral-leadership of fasting Anna Hazare.


Letter of support to Anna Hazare through the Indian Embassies across the world


Your Excellency,

We understand from our volunteers across India and the mass-media that a Campaign Against Corruption is being carried out by hundreds of thousands of people and that the campaign has spread across 5,000
locations in India so far.

India has been at the forefront of Cultural and Social change for centuries, showing new direction to the world at different and often crucial times, and we feel this movement against corruption, that is fast becoming a people's non-violent movement, will soon demonstrate a new direction to the world for that real change the world needs urgently, to steer us towards a new human-being centered world of non-violence - thus ending all kinds of violence and discrimination that we now see among and against major sections of people and society.

We are pained to note that the current government of India, that has the Congress Party leading it, is failing to read the pulse of the people who want the Jan Lok Pal Bill (People's Ombudsman Law) to achieve accountability in governance. It pains us, specially because it is the same political party that was at the center of India's
Freedom struggle. This demonstrates the deterioration of values in the Congress Party. This is similar to what is happening across the world, where different governments comprising political parties of varying ideologies, have been looting the wealth of people in more or less the same way. It appears that mis-appropriating people's wealth by the few, led by the banks, has been successfully globalized under the control of what has every appearance of a Mafia (that includes the Banks, Multi-National Corporations, Crime Syndicates and the weak and
selfishly co-operating Politicians) operating across the world.

The protests of people that started as a wave from Tunisia and spread over to the whole of Middle-East into North Africa, Europe, the USA (Wisconsin), and recently the UK and elsewhere, is now showing its strong  manifestation in India. Indian campaigners are demonstrating once again, in the most commendable and respectable way, that the only useful power rests in non-violence and not in force-of-arms. This will go into the future as a strong reference to guide the common people across the world on how to conduct oneself to bring permanent change
into the compromised system - from violence to non-violence, from discrimination to true equality, from mis-appropriation to true co-operativism, thus building a new world that would be rightly called a "UNIVERSAL HUMAN NATION".

Through this humble submission of ours, we would like to inform your government, the Government of India, headed currently by the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, that the whole world of Humanists, the world of selfless-responsible people, the world of common people that counts at 80% of the population of planet Earth, is strongly
supporting the Campaign Against Corruption led so well by Anna Hazare and his team. Granting that the Government of India's claim to be an honest Government, we request the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to take a stand at the level of the highest reference as exemplified by Mahatma Gandhi, Swami Vivekananda, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose and so many other great-souls of India - and leave behind the negativity and egoism, to humbly discuss the best methods of implementing a strong Jan Lok Pal Bill (People's Ombudsman Law) without even a day's delay and to demonstrate that the current Congress Party remains at heart a living proof of those principals that are a worldwide new and developing reference today. Also, to show that Mahatma Gandhi's demand to disband Congress in 1947 was not the right advice.

It is important for the government of India and the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to realize now that the mood of the people in India is changing very fast, as human consciousness is growing beyond its previous limits as a part of a ramped up human evolution owing to education and communication factors taking hold. The only approach
these days is to flow in line with this expansion in human consciousness and not to go against it.

We look forward to positive and visible actions from the government of India and the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. This would show a bright direction for the whole world to follow and demonstrate that changes
can happen and in a peaceful manner.

Meanwhile, please note that all peace-loving non-violent and non-discriminatory humanists and other like-minded people and organizations across the planet Earth, are coming together to steer the world towards the formation of a "UNIVERSAL HUMAN NATION".

Thursday the 22nd. Humanist Party - working to build Universal Human Nation
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