Humanist stand on Nuclear Policy of India

Broad points of the issue : Indian Nuclear Policy

1. Realities of 123 agreement

  • Control over India's scientific progress

  • Control over India's Foreign policy

  • Hyde act will bind India to agree to USA's foreign policy

  • Hyde act will force India to support USA on issue of Iran and hence India will become unwilling partner to attack Iran

2. Nuclear Arms

  • Peaceful country, Gandhi's country. Should become a reference of Peace for the world

  • India should remain non-nuclear

  • Should conduct active Peace-policy in neighborhood, spreading to Asia-pacific and to the whole globe

3. India's Energy requirements

  • Current efficiency of 50% in production can go upto 95% for which technology is available. This will double the Energy availability without extra expenditure. Yes, Corruption will have to be 0%

  • There are small Hydel, Wind-Energy, Sea-back-water Energy, Solar Energy etc. technologies waiting to be tapped

  • If adequate investments are made, alternative tech will become the main tech in less than 10 years

4. India's own technology

  • Thorium cycle based

  • Own developed technology

  • Enough raw material on southern sea-banks, mixed with sand

  • Conspiracy to break "Ram-setu" in order to inundate these sea-banks to finish the sand mixed with thorium's availability to India

5. Nuclear Energy Plants

  • Very costly

  • Dangerous tech - Chernobyl, 3-Mile, Japanese accidents

  • West (US, Europe, Japan, Australia, Russia) has stopped putting new plants for over a decade

  • Nuclear Energy is neither clean nor cheap

  • Its the way to process Uranium/Plutonium to make Bombs

  • Anyway, Uranium for 50 years is available within India, as per Government - then why this hurry to ask others for Uranium ?

  • We don't need Uranium, hence we don't need 123 agreement

  • Nuclear Energy is neither Cheap, nor clear. Half-life of Nuclear-waste is over 28,000 years

  • Nuclear Energy plant will take more than 7 years in making

  • Current Nuclear Energy capacity utilization is less than 30%. Why ?

  • Lack of transparency about the accidents that have happened in Indian Nuclear establishment so far

  • US is playing the game of its Nuclear-Energy plant lobby clubbed by its need to control India's scientific and Foreign policy independence to push this outdated technology

India needs Energy (to give electricity to its citizens) and not nuclear arms.

Nuclear Energy is neither cheap, nor clear. West has not put-up any new plant in last 20 odd years due to accidents in Chernobyl, Three-mile Island, Japan and elsewhere.

American Nuclear Energy plant manufacturers are a very strong and rich lobby but on the verge of being extinct due to no new sales.

USA needs to control India's independent technological progress. USA is always against any other country become independent in technological needs, because that reduced American market and control. Same is the case of all the issues that USA is having with Iran.

Looking at all this, they have created Hyde act that will put control on US Government to make it mandatory for India to agree to these aspects in order to get any Nuclear technology and/or materials from USA or any member of Nuclear-club. This will put this so-called-great agreement at the mercy of US Government's Foreign policy, while the money would have already been paid to the companies to buy the Nuclear Energy plant materials. These plants would then become useless for India, while the lobby would have made huge money already.

Also, the thorium-cycle based technology that has been independently developed by Indian scientists would have to be abandoned by them, due to change in the power-cycle technology given by USA. Even USA does not have the thorium-cycle technology and they are adamant that India not only gives them these secrets but also that India does not make any further progress in its independent technological areas.

USA is trying to kill many birds with one stone.

The Indian establishment consisting of the main Political parties and US-supporting media is hiding these facts and are talking about the great technology (sic!) that would be available to India through this technology. Only the left parties are showing an independent stand in this matter and we hope they will not make any compromise at any stage on this issue.

While the details are pointed above, Humanist Party of India demands :

1. That India improves its Energy production regime, using the currently available technology, take the production efficiency to a minimum of 95%.

All those involved in this production, who cannot do it should be summarily fired and young engineers backed with the very effective Indian public sector companies like BHEL/EIL/PGCIL and others be given full charge to produce & distribute economical and efficient electricity, which then, should be supplied to people at no-profit-no-loss basis by completely Government owned bodies, without allowing any profit to anyone in between.

Indian citizens, including the farmers are ready to pay for the properly priced clear and regular Energy which will then become available to all in abundance.

2. That India closes down all its plans for Nuclear arms and conduct speedy, sincere and top-priority talks with Pakistan and Chine to reach agreements of Proportional and complete Disarmament (for both Nuclear and non-Nuclear arms) with a fixed time-schedule.

3. That India, taking with it all the SAARC nations (to be followed with inclusion of all Asia-pacific nations) invest heavily in Non-conventional technologies to produce electricity and make these areas as the main areas of producing Energy. It is possible to change this scenario within less than 10 years, if handled properly.

4. India, taking with it the SAARC nations, African and Latin-American nations should expose the real facts of speculations by the west-led banks/funds that have hijacked the Oil markets and increased the price of oil artificially, while manipulating billions of dolors for themselves and putting the livelihood of billions of people at risk.

5. That if the Indian Government cannot take this steps, it should resign from power and let people decide on the fate of the Nation and its future. This Government has no mandate nor any right to hijack the lives of its own citizens for the personal-selfish-violent interests of few politicians and their western masters.

The World does not want/wish all this

The Indian Government, headed by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is hiding from the nation, the real truth of the 123 deal with US. This question has been raised, among others, by their very own left-partners (till yesterday) in the UPA Government and needs to be answered immediately.

US needs India under its control as far as the scientific progress and Independent Foreign Policy of India is concerned. US has created this deal to kill two birds with one stone and the Indian Government is bending over backwards to buckle under US pressure. What is the reason that Indian Government is so keen on this agreement ? What is the reason that Indian Government is hiding the control mechanisms of the Hyde act that will work against it through its working on the US Government - that will, in turn create problems for the Indian Government ?

Why is the Government so keen to paralyze the Independence of the future Indian Governments ?

What are the real interests that are playing ?

Why is the Indian Government hiding the facts that even US and Europe are not putting up new Nuclear-Energy generating plants, not even Japan and Russia. Not only that, they are not renewing the current ones.

Why are we forgetting the lessons that they have learnt from Three-mile accident, Chernobyl accident and Japanese accidents and are now working overtime to push their rotten and killing technology to India, while controlling India's independence in return ?

Why is the Indian Government not answering to these questions that have been raised by us, by other Parties, by its own left-allies and various organizations across India and the world ?

The Prime Minister cannot get away with a single line answer "We are taking care of the interest of the Nation".

Their record of "taking care of National interest" is extremely bad and worries every citizens.

Why is the Government out to challenge the intelligence of its own people ?

They must answer these questions otherwise the country will not forgive them for binding the nation to blackmail of the killer Government of US.

US which is fighting in some 50+ nations is certainly not a peace loving Government.

India, which revers Mahatma Gandhi as its father needs to re-look at its whole Nuclear policy.

What India needs is a Corruption free Government - a Government that is actually run by common people and not the middle-men (agents of the west).

Indian can, first of all, produce enough Energy by means other than Nuclear and manage its affairs peacefully. If the efficiency (compromised by corruption) of the current Energy production is taken up from the average of 50% (approx) to 90%+ (which is technological feasible), India will get double of what it is already getting resulting in savings of resources and costs.

India must stop being a participant in the Nuclear race. Indian should work fast with its neighbors to reduce and eventually finish all the Nuclear arsenals from the region. Pakistan has already shown its interest. China, the new growing economy will also see sense if talked to for the simple fact of mutual economical-growth of the two economically growing nations.

It is important the Indian Government does not leave the Peace-tradition of India and takes up a foreign policy that is based on deep faith in non-violence and mutual-growth with its neighbors. This will help change things, inspite of what the war-mongers (they earn money by selling arms to both sides) will always say.

It is not important who wins the trust-vote in Parliament. The elections are due anyway. Important is, who cares for the Country and its People. Important is who cares for the growth of the last human-being in the country. Important is to remember the Father of the Nation and what he wished India to be. Important is to go beyond remembering him just around his birthday and move in the direction that he showed.

Do you Remember me ?

Do you remember the India that I wished for ?


Sudhir Gandotra

Gen. Secretary.


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