The Humanist Party of India's (HP) candidates are developed as People's Candidates

The Humanist Party of India's (HP) candidates are developed as People's Candidates in the following way :

The Candidate is decided by the members of Humanist Party. Wherever there are proposing/supporting Organizations participating in the area with us, they are involved in this process of selecting the Candidate.

The Candidate works as the coordinator of all the action in the area, creating and managing the teams that work in each of the Polling Booths of the Constituency. The materials required for this action are given at the bottom of this page. Soon, more materials will be added to this list.

1.Candidate gets the list of Polling Booths of the Constituency. In every Polling Booth area (PB), there are upto 1200 voters (with some exceptions)

2. Candidate and his/her team of volunteers, visit different PBs and create an initial team of 2 members, explaining the following aspects of the Party :

  • The mission of the HP is to rebuild India based on Humanist Principals of Non-violence, expanded in details as the Manifesto of the Party ( in order to achieve a dignified living for all citizens, achieving PEACE, EDUCATION AND PROSPERITY FOR ALL.
  • The methodology of HP is of ACTIVE-NON-VIOLENCE, giving highest value to Human Being. This is best explained as "NOTHING ABOVE THE HUMAN BEING, NO HUMAN BELOW ANOTHER", explained in more details at
  • The target of HP for the 2009 Parliamentary elections is to present a team of honest-selfless-simple citizens of India in the shape of a reasonable alternative that is big enough in numbers to build a Humanist Government, if voted to power by people of our country. This first step is crucial to achieve the replacement of Corrupt-Criminals by ordinary-selfless citizens of the country.

3. The 2-member team begins the Humanist-mission of expanding itself to become a 15 member team with members added form the PB area itself. This team of 15 members, divide the PB area among themselves and begin meeting people (voters), house-to-house, explaining the HP vision, mission, methodology and seeking their active participation in this mission to build the Humanize India, as a part of Universal Human Nation.
During these house-to-house meetings, HP members also explain/introduce the Personal-Development work as the methodology of personal-transformation of people, that we begin with our members and supporters. Practices like RELAXATION, GUIDED-EXPERIENCE are introduced and conducted.
The Principals of Non-Violence are also introduced. A copy of these materials is also provided to people, on contribution. These are also available for free download them from our website itself.
Introduction of the Personal-Transformation process, explained above, and people's participation of the same in the weekly meeting held in the PB area is an opportunity for people to understand and experience the difference that HP is creating in the lives of people.

4. While the initial 2-members team begins the above action, the Candidate moves to the another PB area, creating the next team and keeps covering all possible PB areas. Members of HP from one PB area can also go on mission to another PB area to launch the above mission action. This way, we cover the whole constituency, creating our teams everywhere, embedding the seeds of change everywhere.
Those who join the HP, start participating in the weekly meeting of the HP in the neighborhood, building the actual needs of the area, which our elected representative of the area will work to get implemented by the Government of the day.
People's participation in day-to-day affairs of the neighborhood/constituency (and hence of the country) are a pre-requisite for he REAL DEMOCRACY to exist and function.

The fact that, today, a large number of people are in-different to the country, that we have the corrupt-criminals ruling the Nation. The saying "People get the rulers they deserve" needs to be remembered and if we drop our indifference, we will be able to build an honest Government at all levels. However, we need to understand very clearly that the HP's elected representatives will not behave like demi-gods of today, but as real-ordinary-selfless honest people at the service of the area and hence the country, working to implement the aims of the Party's manifesto.

5. The funds for the campaign are collected/contributed by the people of the area. This is done by creating members (each member pays the membership fee of Rs.10 per year). Members and supporters are welcome to give donations apart from their voluntary work for various tasks. The complete election campaign is conducted this way, by the people, so that there no investment by the candidate and/or anyone else and hence, there is nothing to be recovered as profits later.


6. The role of the HP Candidate will be :
to coordinate the action at all the PBs of the constituency;
to clarify the members with the message and methodology of the HP;
to conduct weekly meeting of the core-members' team for the above coordination;
to ensure that each of the PB area has atleast one weekly meeting taking place and the people being invited to this meeting on regular basis;
to ensure that the new members have access to HP's clarification materials, ideological materials, action materials and have the necessary environment to receive clarification on their questions;
To ensure formation of the Base Councils in every PB area, with the Secretaries appointed as explains at , and,

For this, the Candidate will ensure that the necessary training/s are provided to all the members. The Candidates themselves will be trained by a team of Humanists as it is done at all times in the Humanist Party.

The Personal-development work is very detailed and deep and is offered to all members as a choice. This work is done in weekly meetings, in retreats and seminars that happen from time to time as per the needs and interests of the members.

The mission of the HP does not end with reaching Power. Infact the second and decisive phase of Humanist mission will begin when the Humanist Government will get formed.

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