Humanist Party - Way of Working : Booklet Available for download in English and Hindi

The activities that you will do after joining a base council :
1. Mobilization a) Of our members, b) Of the people
2. Clarification a) Of our members, b) Of the people


* To form base councils everywhere.
* To make new affiliates,
* To sell "The Humanist Voice",
* To help improve living conditions and bring relief to those in need with cooperative effort and human solidarity,
* To contact, support, organize and clarify those who suffer violence, discrimination, injustice, etc, towards a non-violent solution of their situation,
* To denounce and oppose all forms of violence (i.e. physical, communal, economic, religious and psychological) through active non-violence,
* To denounce and oppose all discriminations against people based on caste, creed, race, language, region, wealth, sex, etc.
* To denounce and oppose all monopolies (ideological, organizational, economic, etc),
* To formulate proposals for the solution of social and political problems based on our humanist ideology,
* To conduct our internal organizational elections every year drawing votes from as many affiliates as possible,
* To contest for all possible levels of general elections with as many candidates as possible irrespective of resources available,
* To diffuse our ideas and stands continuously to the mass media, political parties, other organisations and the public in general,
* To develop and strengthen our organizational and administrative capacity by improving our information, publications, fund-raising, communications, etc.

All the above mentioned actions are always organized in such a way that well-wishers and the common citizens are mobilized. This is achieved in various ways. Supporters of our proposals or stands are requested to sign petitions, collect signatures, attend rallies, meetings or morchas, distribute leaflets, collect donations, subscribe to orbuy our newspaper, introduce friends and family members, etc. In sum, to cooperate and assist our efforts to the best of their possibilities.
Needless to say, every time we support some people's cause, we also mobilize and organize them. Being a party that promotes active grassroots participation in social and political affairs through direct communication among people, voluntary mobilization is a must.


* To read and discuss "The Humanist Voice" (our monthly party organ),
* To read and discuss the "HP: Way of Working" and also of "HP: Ideology",
* To read and discuss the "Draft Programme For A Humanist Government" (only for Secretaries),
* To read, study and discuss other occassional materials like reports, circulars, contributions, etc.
* Active participation in the HP activities is the most important clarification,
* To read and discuss all newspapers and magazines,
* To read and discuss the "Political Seminar" (only for Secretaries),


* To bring awareness of our nations and stands,
* To propose and diffuse alternatives and proposals to social and political issues based on our humanist ideology,
* To denounce all forms of violence, be they gross or subtle, explicit or covert, unleashed or potential,
* to clarify about the immediate and deeper causes of violence,
* To disseminate our diffusion material and literature.