Today's violent system is highly organised, in the sense that it has its set of followers/practitioners who controls the public lives due to having the sheer force of the resources of the system within their control.

This system controls everything in our life. The economy, the education, health-system, transportation, communications, just about everything.

The failure of economy, where the giants are falling like a house of cards is showing the clear cracks that are deep in the system and currently the system is at its weakest level.
This is the time for positive people to move ahead with aresolve to establish the lost Humanist value in the system.

By Humanist system (run by selfless and responsible humans), we mean, an environment, that will provide to all, by applying the following agenda as the starting point:

* Free & Compulsory Education of equitable quality to all from nursery stage to Class XII, as Fundamental right of all Citizens. Common school system as per 1966 Kothari Commission recommendations;

* Free and quality Health care facilities to all people. Establish AIIMS level of hospitals in all districts of the country within 5 years;

* Minimal basic Housing for all;

* Excellent standard Public transport system for the whole country at affordable rates so that people can travel comfortably without personal vehicles;

* Job for all and a reasonable unemployment pay to those who cannot be given jobs immediately;

* Profit to all Farmers on their produce and Comprehensive Crop-insurance;

* Transportation and Communication to be given to 100% of population with comfort and on affordable rates on no-profit basis by the Government;

* Upper age-limit for all Elected Political posts (President, P.M., Minister, C.M., Mayor, Governor, etc.) to be maximum 70 years;

* No one can occupy an elected political post (President, P.M., Minister, C.M., Mayor, Governor, etc.) more than twice;

* Referendum by people on every major policy before a final decision can be taken;

* Every Elected member will be compulsorily re-confirmed by the voters every 6 months;

* Right to recall elected representatives at all levels. Participation of people to build Real Democracy;

* Transparency : Source of Funding of Campaigns, Candidates, and Parties must be made public.

* Clean politics equals corruption-free politics? in all respects. Healthy and Real Democracy has no place for hate politics;

* All Public-interest information will be provided free of cost to people through the websites. RTI process will be made completely transparent, quick and accountable. No information can be kept away from citizens. All public officers (of all/any levels) must declare their assets/income every year;

* Participation of people in actual daily working of the Government will be built and ensured without delay;

* All long pending grievances of people, Government employees and other sections of society will be met through war-footing resolutions to issues by way of actual participation of all involved, without any discrimination and within the parameters of the Humanist society;

* 80% population that is below poverty line, will be the top priority of Humanist Government. They will be provided with all basic amenities/living standards of life, as the first priority of the Humanist Government;

* Equal opportunity, Interest-free loans to small enterprise; Encouragement to self-employment and Cooperative small-enterprise to overcome Unemployment problem;

* No industry on Agricultural land, unless agreed and participated by the land-holders. No SEZ. No Big dams. Small environment-friendly hydro-electric dams will be extensively built;

* Unbiased discussion with all arms-using group and separatists tendencies to ensure that all citizens of India will get dignified life immediately, thus bringing them all to mainstream of life and socio-political activity;

* Equal respect for all cultures and religions without making them the point of differences and discrimination;

* No Nuclear arms. Cancellation of 123 agreement. Comprehensive Peace and No-war agreements with all neighboring countries and proportionate disarmament of conventional as well as nuclear arms with a time-frame target. Extensive research and usage of Solar, Wind and Fusion technologies for sourcing energy needs;

* Ministry of Peace and Non-violence will be established to create the new consciousness of Peace & Non-violence.

Questions like who can and how to do this ? What kind of resolve, what kind of vision and inner-strength is required to achieve all this ? Who has this ability ? etc. will arise.

First of all, all those who have made claims via the constitution and their manifestos, over the last 61 years have completely failed. Their slave-mentality, lust for money and power, and the ability of divide and rule has ensured that the country remains hungry, illiterate, poor, sick and hence a slave for their kingly luxuries. They have gone even against the Supreme Court ruling which reminded them of their legal responsibility to provide free education to all without discrimination within the current laws.

The implementation of the above points requires a strong-clear-determined-no

n violent-selfless leadership. A leadership that arises from among people, a leadership that remains concerned and connected to people, more in the role of an Orientor than a Leader who remains indifferent and distant to people.

These Orientors need to be Wise, Kind and Strong so that they can guide India and the whole world towards the direction of Peace and Prosperity. They need to be living examples of being Humanists. They need to develop themselves as Humanists, so that they can lead others with example.

With such an orientation, the field of politics, for example, should become the environment of the highest form of true-selfless social work.

Humanist Movement (HM), that has grown from a small group in a remote corner of the world, to a non-violent global movement, working in 150 countries with 4 million+ people, that is perhaps the only entity that has this moral standard.
HM has never taken any grant-donation-money from a Government, Organization or others. It has developed itself solely based on the voluntary contributions of its members and adherent. HM has proven beyond doubt that true-selfless social work can be done best through complete volunteerism only.

Humanist Party of India (HP) is the political mission given by HM to its members across the globe, to build the new and selfless political environment; so as to reach the formation of Humanist Governments across the globe to provide all the people (without any discrimination whatsoever) a dignified and humane quality life standard as a basic human right. This must be fulfilled by the society that has enough resources for all as part of equitable distribution of wealth. Human being needs to go on the path of evolution, for which money-power are not the basic requisites.
The Human intentionality needs to act and HM is the mission to fulfil this need of the times.

Humanist Movement, acts through its missions that work in specific fields. Like Humanist Party ( in the field of politics, there is :

World Without Wars ( which is in the process of launching the World March (biggest in the history of human being, covering 90+ countries, 1 million participants, 1,60,000 kilometers covered, etc.). This march has already been endorsed by many people across the globe including personalities like Zubin Mehta (, Dalai Lama, and others;

Centre of Cultures -working to bring people together through the filed of culture;

The Community for social development - work in social field;

The Humanist Movement is working for the psychological growth of human being, to ensure that the human being goes once again on the path of evolution, from which it has got diverted (and hence there is so much violence).

HM does not believe in borders, does not believe in any differences (for discrimination) whatsoever, among people, while respecting completely the diversity of people.

Activities in 150 countries with 4 million people, each one a volunteer, without any office-like infrastructure, HM is a wonderful living example of what volunteers can do across the globe.

This is the moral character that the Humanists have built and they are advancing, quietly, but with a clear and strong resolve to transform not just the world but also the human being.

This is the group that you deserve to be in, that deserves your enthusiasm, your strength of a humanist character which you have demonstrated with your resolve to be an Independent candidate in the violent-corrupt political mess created by these criminals.

We invite you to be an active part of the Humanist team, standing in this election as a Humanist candidate, because this common work must not end with the elections, because India and the whole world needs all the good people to come together.