Humanist Candidates for the next Parliament Elections in India !

For any change to happen, an honestly organized, people-oriented-non-discriminatory platform having non-violence as its methodology is a pre-requisite. Such a platform cannot come from the current day criminals-masquerading-politicians. The initiative of Humanists working across the world has resulted in the formation of such a platform, named HUMANIST PARTY. The coming together of the whole world in the form of a well-connected-small-village has also made us all realize the the issues facing the whole world are the same : Violence (in various shapes), Corruption and Discrimination. You are welcome to be a part of the platform and to take charge of the country, limited only by your choice and sense of responsibility. We are not looking for followers. Those who wish to take lead, by overcoming their own internal violence (hatred, enmity, frustrations, fears etc. negatives) are welcome to be part of the Humanist platform. Let us start today and begin working in every village, every neighbourhood of the country, building the strong-moral force, in order to take forward the country towards real freedom.


We also invite all those who, because of frustrations with the current violent-system, have taken the path of violence, to leave violence and take the path of Humanization to fulfil their dreams of a really-free-India for all Indians.


With the aim of fielding 500+ honest persons as candidates to the next Parliamentary election, we are looking for young, honest, enterprising persons (both women and men) who can inspire people in their constituencies for building a new-India, and India that will be free of Corruption, Illness, Poverty, Illiteracy, Unemployment, Homelessness, Violence, Discriminations etc., an India that will lead the world towards Peace and prosperity in true sense, an India that will not just aspires to be wealthy but also internally happy and spread this wealth for the whole world to form UNIVERSAL HUMAN NATION.


We have formed the Humanist Alliance for Peace & Non-violence is a platform here all like-minded (those who are For Peace and Non-violence) people and organizations can come together to intervene Politically in the current chaotic & violent situation with the aim to overcome Corruption and Violence.

Humanist Alliance for Peace & Non-violence is a platform that is based on :

  • Humanism

  • Active Non-violence

  • No discrimination

  • Human being as the highest value

  • Personal & Social transformation (simultaneous)

Humanist Party of India was not born overnight at the time of elections, but was formed on 10 December 1984 and has been working since at Grass roots, across India, apart from similar developments across the world (150 countries).

Humanist Platform for Peace & Non-violence has a Moral stature, because :

  • There has been no violence in its developments since its birth;

  • It has never taken support of any sides/Governments, in order to keep its hands clean;

  • It has been developed solely based on voluntary work of its members;

  • It has always stood against Violence;

  • It has always stood against Discrimination.

Humanist Party's Activities are for :

  • Social change (starting @ grass roots)

  • Personal change (starting with oneself)

Humanist Party sees the Emergency situation in India, as :

  • Corruption has taken violence to the dangerous levels;

  • The country is taken to ransom by just 10 people, making its whole defence a failure;

  • Political leadership is non-existent;

  • Corruption seems to be eating into the roots of the Nation, with Criminals having taken-over the Political arena completely. Its another form of Talibanism that we see here.

Due to this emergency, The Humanist Party of India has taken the initiative of forming this platform : Humanist Alliance for Peace & Non-violence and invites all like-minded (against Discrimination and Violence) Individuals, Groups, Civil-society groups, Political groups to come together, since :

  • The Time to act is NOW

  • There is No time and wait

  • We Can't leave Nation in the hands of Corrupt-Criminals for another 5 years


Let's Take charge of India and Humanize it, building the Universal Human Nation


We invite responsible Indians to come forward and begin the preparations NOW !

India is ours and its our responsibility to lead it to fulfil the dreams the Gandhi saw for the country.

You are welcome to send your details to us at : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.