The Humanist Party of India (HP) accepts donations/contributions from members, adherants and supporters, provided there are no conditions attached to them.

The activities of the HP are conducted by the volunteer members, adherants and supporters based on membership fees, personal contribution and donations from well-wishers.

The HP does not purchase candidates, nor pay them for  being the candidates, because HP is not for sale and Human being is of the highest importance for us.
All candidates generate their own funds for election campaign (and for all other activities) from membership fees, donations, contribution and voluntary work of the members and supporters.
The funds generated in each of the area, are spent in the development activities of the HP of that area, from two different levels. HP belongs to its members, adherents and supporters and they take all the decisions as per set methods in the "Way of Working" and the "Ideology" booklets of the party. The funds are divided among the Base Council and the National Council in the ratio of 50 - 50.

Those who expect that HP will pay them for being the candidates, need not waste their time with us and those who wish to purchase election tickets should search elsewhere.

HP candidates are mostly the existing members of the HP, and due to the current emergency-violent situation of the country, wherein we are inviting others to come forward as candidates, new members may be considered if their backgrounds and activities are not violent and/or corrupt.

You are welcome to support the Party with any amount that you feel you can donate.

The donations can be given by cash or preferably by a cheque/draft payable to THE HUMANIST PARTY OF INDIA.

In case you are sponsoring a particular expense of a particular area/candidate, let us know of that.